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Paisano’s Bar & Grill

July 20, 2014

  • Paisanos Bar & Grill16 N.  Main Street
  • Three Rivers, MI 49093
  • (269) 278-8525
  • Website
  • Menu

J and I can never go anywhere without finding a place to eat.  We took a late morning trip to Three Rivers to check out the Scidmore Park Petting Zoo.  We spent 45 minutes or so there before we needed to grab lunch and head home.

On our way to the park, we drove through downtown Three Rivers and there were a couple places that jumped out.  J noticed Paisano’s Bar and Grill.  I mentioned that I had heard good things about it, so J said we should stop there for lunch on our way home.

Paisano’s is on Main Street in downtown Three Rivers just to the north of Michigan Avenue.  It takes up a couple of store fronts in the old row building downtown.  We found a parking spot on the street on the other side of the road just because we were heading that way.  On a Saturday afternoon, there is plenty of parking near your destination.

The bar is separated in to several spaces.  When you walk in, there is a small dining room.  That’s where we chose to sit.  There’s also a large, open bar area with pool tables, dart boards and a huge space that could be used for live bands.

The three of us took a seat in a large booth near the kitchen.  A waitress popped her head out and saw we had sat down, so she brought us menus.  A different waitress came over a few minutes later to get drink orders.  They have a decent beer selection, but I stock to a pop and ordered a Coke while J got a Sprite.

The specials for the day included an Italian beef and a Black & Bleu burger…but there was something on the menu that was just too good to pass up.

The sandwich I ordered is called the Epic Burger.  The grilled burger is served on a Kaiser roll with crispy chicken tenders, bacon, cheddar cheese, pepperjack cheeses, and ranch dressing.  I left the ranch dressing off and was offered a dip on the chicken tenders of either BBQ sauce or hot sauce.  I chose the BBQ sauce which made the sandwich messy.  When I first looked at it, I had one of those, “How the hell am I going to get that in my mouth” moments.  I pushed the bun down as much as I could and sort of melded the chicken and the beef together.  The sandwich was better than I was expecting it to be.  Both the chicken and the burger patty had a lot of flavor and their distinct flavors were in every bite.  The BBQ sauce the chicken was tossed in made the sandwich pretty messy, but the sweetness of the thick BBQ sauce added another huge layer of flavor.

The sandwich came with beer battered fries on the side.  They were deliciously crispy.

J ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wrap.  She didn’t really say anything about it, but there wasn’t much left when we got up and left.  The crispy chicken tenders are tossed in Frank’s Red Hot then wrapped up with lettuce, tomato, and Colby Jack cheese in a flour tortilla.  She upgraded her meal to the platter which came with beer battered fries and cole slaw.

For L, we ordered the Macaroni & Cheese.  They use Kraft mac & cheese which L really likes, so there were no surprises.  She liked it, but she gets so distracted at restaurants lately that she only ended up eating about half.  In addition to the noodles, she also got potato smiles.  These cute little fried potatoes are shaped like little smiles.  The novelty was enough to get her to eat about half of them as well.

Our total bill was just under $30 and we were able to get home in plenty of time for me to make it work.  We’ve both heard really good things about Paisano’s from different people so I was really happy we had time to stop in for lunch.  Our meal was really good, but next time, we need to try the pizza which I also heard in awfully good.



The Epic Burger w/Fries


Buffalo Chicken Wrap Platter


Macaroni & Cheese w/Potato Smiles

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