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MaMa Mia’s Pizza

June 4, 2014

  • MaMa Mia's Pizza231 E. Central Avenue
  • Mackinaw City, MI 49701
  • (231) 436-5534
  • Website
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The first day on Mackinac Island was a long one.  We caught the 7:30 AM ferry from Shepler’s in Mackinaw City and didn’t catch the return ferry until 8:00 PM.  By the time we got back, C.W. was exhausted and just wanted to smoke a cigar and go to bed.  I still needed food and ordering a pizza so I could sit in my room and watch the Blackhawks game seemed like a good idea.

I used Yelp on my phone to try to find a pizza place.  It’s kind of amazing that so many places in a tourist town don’t have websites.  Finding a menu for a pizza place was incredibly difficult.  I finally found a Facebook page for a place with pretty good reviews and, after much scrolling through pictures, finally found a menu.

I called in an order to Mama Mia’s Pizza at about 8:40.  I kept it simple and just ordered a large pepperoni.  They told me it would be about 20 minutes so I relaxed for a little while in my room before heading back downtown to pick up my dinner.

Mama Mia’s Pizza is in the main business portion of Mackinaw City on Central Avenue right on the corner of  Henry Street.  There is a plethora of on street parking and since we were in town during the week, finding a spot was not an issue.

The building actually serves a dual purpose.  In addition to Mama Mia’s, it’s also home to the Mackinac Bridge Museum.  The museum is in the upstairs portion of the building and it’s open when the restaurant is open.  As a bonus, admission is free.

This is actually the second incarnation of the museum and pizzeria.  Almost ten years ago, they suffered a fire that destroyed the building.  They rebuilt and reopened two years later.  Despite being fairly new, the pizzeria has the feel that it has been in town for a while.

Even when dining in, the protocol is to order at the counter then pick up your own pizza from a different counter area once it’s ready.  I ordered ahead so all I had to do is pay for my pizza once I made my way to the counter.  It wasn’t quite ready yet, so I took a seat in the dining room while the pizza finished cooking.

I was only there about five minutes before my number was called.  The pizza was boxed up and I was heading back to my hotel to wind down for the day.

The first thing I noticed when I popped open the box was the golden brown cheese.  I like pizzas cooked sort of dark as I feel it adds quite a bit to the flavor of the cheese.

I went to rip off the first piece…and it proved to be a bit of a challenge.  The pizza wasn’t cut very well, so in my haste to eat, I ripped the slice in half and pulled off most of the toppings.  I cobbled the slice back together and bit in.  The pizza was really good and the golden brown cheese on top had just the effect I was hoping it would.

While the cheese was a nice dark, golden brown, the crust wasn’t.  The crust was still soft and chewy.  My only complaint was the lack of sauce.  There was only a thin layer on the pizza and it was quite tasty, but the pizza needed just a little more which would have given a rich, bold flavor.

My bill for the takeout pizza was just a hair over $14.  Mama Mia’s is one of those places many people visit summer after summer.  Other than the lack of sauce, I was very happy with the pizza.  Everything from top to bottom carried a bunch of flavor and after a long day of work, what more can you ask for?

MaMa Mia's Pizza

MaMa Mia's Pizza

Large Pepperoni Pizza

MaMa Mia's Pizza

Large Pepperoni Pizza

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