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Dorothy & Tony’s Gourmet Popcorn Shop

February 16, 2014

  • Dorothy & Tony's Gourmet Popcorn Shop435 Ionia Avenue SW
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • (616) 447-9800
  • Website
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Cupcakes on their own would have been a great Valentine’s Day present for J, but I had one more idea at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market.

J is a really big fan of Garrett’s Chicago Style popcorn.  The unique mix of carmel and cheddar cheese popcorn is often imitated, but nothing compares to Garrett’s.

I had actually considered ordering her some from Chicago, but, as I like to do, I decided to give a local place a try and see how their popcorn stacks up to the beloved Garrett’s.

The shop at the Downtown Market is Dorothy and Tony’s Gourmet Popcorn Shop (sometimes also see as Dorothy and Tony’s Gourmet Kettle Corn.)  Their stand is actually right around the corner from Sweetie-licious, so after picking up my cupcakes, I headed down the aisle to get some popcorn.

The bags of popcorn are pre-stuffed and you have the option of Kettle Corn, Chicago Style, Cheddar, Carmel, and White Cheddar.  All of the flavors come in four sizes from a small personal bag to a large shareable bag.

I ordered a bag of the large Chicago Style for J.  The cost was $12 which I again paid cash for so J wouldn’t see the charge show up on our bank account before I got home.  

When I woke up on Friday morning, J had taken the bag to work with her, so I couldn’t even sneak a taste, but she couldn’t wait for me to try it when she got home.

Is it as good as Garrett’s?  No.  Of course not.  Nothing is….but she did say it is the best Chicago style popcorn she’s had outside of Chicago.

I’m not really a fan of carmel corn, so I picked out some of the cheese and it was delicious.  It’s got the thick, cheesy taste that makes Garret’s so unique.  The cheesy flavor isn’t quite as strong, but it is very tasty.  I didn’t have time this weekend, but I am thinking very strongly about going back just to get a bag of cheese for myself.

Once again, a local, gourmet shop comes up big for me at the Downtown Market.  Sure it’s not chocolate and diamonds, but I think I did pretty good this Valentine’s Day.  Dorothy and Tony’s Gourmet Popcorn offers a great snack whether you’re shopping at the Market and make a special trip just to pick up a bag.

Dorothy & Tony's Gourmet Popcorn Shop

Dorothy & Tony's Gourmet Popcorn Shop

Chicago Style Popcorn

Dorothy and Tony's Gourmet Popcorn Shop

Chicago Style Popcorn


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  1. February 16, 2014 4:22 pm

    How does it compare to Pop City?

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