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Mr. Pizza

August 4, 2013

  • Mr. Pizza553 Michigan Street NE
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • (616) 456-7303
  • Website
  • Menu

Slow Saturday nights.  Love ’em at work.  When there’s not much going on, there’s an opportunity for dinner.  It’s the one night a week I MAY get an actual dinner break like normal folk.

For a couple years now, I’ve been driving by a pizza place on Michigan Street just to the east of College Avenue.   I really can’t give you a good reason why I’ve never ordered from there, but I haven’t.

Last week, I noticed an ad on Urbanspoon for a pizza place with online ordering.  I thought the name looked familiar so I clicked on.

The link took me to Mr. Pizza’s webpage.  Sure enough, it was that pizza place I have passed hundreds of times and never ordered from….and since they have online ordering, you know I’m going to fit it in my rotation.

The first thing I noticed when I clicked on to the webpage was the specials.  I usually just order a large pepperoni pizza to play it safe when I’ve never been to a place before.  I didn’t stray far, but the special was a 12″ two topping with an order of cheesy bread.   I chose pepperoni and bacon as my two toppings and got a thin crust with a garlic butter Parmesan crust.

I paid online with my credit card and received a confirmation that the pizza would be ready in about 25 minutes.  The restaurant is only about five minutes away so I got there a little early.  I was told my pizza was just about out so I took a seat in the small dining room filled with patio furniture.  The tables and chairs are all those metal deals that you put outside because they won’t rust.  Kind of an odd choice for an indoor dining room, but fairly comfortable if you’re dining in.  

Since I had already paid, all I had to do was sign the credit slip for the twelve dollar charge and grab my two boxes of goodness.  Once back at work, all of my co-workers noses picked up.  Three different people (and there’s only about six there on a Saturday night not counting me) walked by, did a double take, and came in to the break room to see what I was eating.  Many of them with puppy dog faces hoping to get a slice.

I went for the pizza first.  The thin crust pizza had a sort of tangy sauce and it was topped with a good sized portion of bacon.  The bacon was a little on the chewy side, but very tasty.  The Parmesan crust and the bacon gave the pizza kind of a salty taste, but the sauce actually reigned that in a little.  The really surprising thing was how greasy the pizza was.  When I opened the box, the grease was sort of spilling out the bottom and I could actually see it starting to soak through.  I like greasy pizzas so that wasn’t a concern for me, but I know some people wouldn’t be really excited about that.

The Cheesy Bread Sticks were just about as big as the pizza was.  The sticks looked to be a 12″ pizza topped with a cheese and cut into thin strips.  They were served with a marinara dipping sauce and were delicious.

The bread sticks and pizza were way too much for one person, but I got greedy and took the rest home instead of letting my co-workers know there was extra pizza hanging around.  For twelve bucks, I got a heckuva lot of food and it was all pretty tasty.  I did end up needing  a lot of napkins, but I sort of like that..adds a lot of flavor.

Mr. Pizza is a pretty good find.  They’re open late and they do pizza-by-the-slice which I’m always a big fan of.  If you take advantage of their specials, which is easy to do even when ordering online, you will end up with a pretty good slice at a pretty good price.

Mr. Pizza

12″ Thin Crust Pepperoni and Bacon Pizza w/Garlic Butter Parmesan Crust

Mr. Pizza

Cheesy Breadsticks

Mister Pizza on Urbanspoon

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