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Bagger Dave’s Legendary Burger Tavern – Downtown Grand Rapids

July 28, 2013

  • Bagger Dave's Legendary Burger Tavern241 W. Fulton Street
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49504
  • (616) 233-0766
  • Website
  • Menu

Saturday’s are usually my night to actually get a full dinner break.  Not always, but more often than not, Saturday night is the one night a week I get an actual dinner break.  Not a eating a sandwich while driving dinner break, but one that would actually qualify as a dinner break in any other industry.

One of my co-workers asked if I would cover the last half hour of his shift.  I didn’t have a problem with it, but I wanted to pick up something to eat first, so at about 5:30, I started looking for something to order that I could pick up quickly and get back to the shop.

My selection was Bagger Dave’s Legendary Burger Tavern.  The small Michigan chain has opened a few stores in West Michigan in the last year including one in downtown Grand Rapids not far from where I work.

The downtown location of Bagger Dave’s is on Fulton Street  just before the Grand River bridge in the Plaza Towers.  There is a small surface lot with a gate between the building and the river, but on Saturday night, the arm was up and there was no charge for parking while I stopped to pick up my meal.

I really like Bagger Dave’s because they do online ordering.  I was able to put my order in while I was working and set the pick up time and when I got to the restaurant, my bag of deliciousness was waiting for me.

My order consisted of a Create-Your-Own burger and a single order of fries.  Last time I got the double order and that was way too much for me.  The cost was a little over $12, so not cheap, but I wasn’t expecting cheap.  

I chose the Create-Your-Own option because Bagger Dave’s has so many incredible topping options.  I stuck to the Brioche bun that comes as the default then added on Bleu Cheese, Apple wood Smoked Bacon, and a Fried Egg.  There were so many more options including a whole host of “legendary” sauces.

When I got back to work, I started in on the fries.  The fresh-cut, skin on fries come with a hearty dusting of sea salt.  The fries were cooked perfectly with the crispy outside and soft, flaky inside.  There was just enough salt on the fries to enhance the flavor but not so much I had to reach for a drink between every bite.

After polishing off the fries, I grabbed the burger and unwrapped.  The burgers com medium well which is a little farther than I like it, but it’s still pretty juicy and the fried egg brought a whole lot of grease to the party.  The crispy smoked bacon made this burger taste like the perfect breakfast and the tangy bleu cheese underneath the meat patty reminded me it wasn’t a rise and shine meal.

I’ve eaten at three different Bagger Dave’s now and I’ve always had a great experience.  I’ve never had anything from there that I didn’t like.  The one downside for me is that I’ve always done carry-out because I’m always at work and on my own.  I really wish I had time to actually eat in because they have such a great Michigan Craft Brew selection to go with their great burgers.

Bagger Dave's Legendary Burger Tavern

Bagger Dave's Legendary Burger Tavern

Fresh-Cut Potato Fries w/Sea Salt

Bagger Dave's Legendary Burger Tavern

Create Your Own Legend w/Bleu Cheese, Bacon, and Fried Egg


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