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Taste of Tennessee BBQ

June 1, 2013

  • Taste of Tennessee BBQ2921A Eastern Avenue SE
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49508
  • (616) 828-6549
  • Website
  • Menu

I sort of pride myself on always being able to find new places in the area to eat.  Sometimes I stumble upon them while driving at work.  Sometimes I get tipped off.

This afternoon, I got a message on my Facebook page about a new BBQ place that just opened in Grand Rapids.  I had some time while at work tonight and decided to go check it out.  You know me and BBQ……

Taste of Tennessee BBQ is on Eastern Avenue just south of 28th Street on Grand Rapids southeast side.  It’s a small brick building, but if you’re not looking for it, you apt to pass right by and never realize what you just missed out on.

The small BBQ joint has only been open about a month.  They’re strictly carry out as there is no seating in the small space.  There is a pretty good sized area next to the counter that could eventually be used for a couple tables, but at this time, that hasn’t happened.

I found a couple laminated menus on the counter when I walked in.  The menu is about what you would expect for a southern style BBQ place.  For once, I actually skipped over the pulled pork sandwich and went for something else. 

My selection was the half pound of rib tips.  I added on a 12 oz cup of Mac and Cheese which looks like it was just added to the menu.  I was written on the menu at the counter but not on the carry out menus.  By ordering the tips, I also got a free bottle of flavored water.

It took about five minutes for my meal to be packaged up.  the cost was a little over eight bucks and, at this time, they only take cash.

Lucky enough for me, I even had time once I got back to work to sit in the break room and enjoy my meal.  That almost never happens.

I cracked up the cup of mac and cheese first.  The obviously home made dish was super creamy with just a hint of cracked black pepper.  It’s not the cheesiest mac and cheese I’ve ever had, but it is very delicious.  It tastes just like someone’s grandma made the dish.

After eating about half of the mac and cheese, I switched over to the rib tips.  The small chunks of pork ribs were covered in a sweet, tangy, thick BBQ sauce.  They had great burnt ends on them and the pieces that were still on the bone easily pulled away.  The pork tips were very tender and the burnt part had that incredible smokey, rubbed taste to them.

I’m very happy Taste of Tennessee BBQ was recommended to me.  The BBQ was very delicious and it’s a place I’m not sure I would have found on my own.  I love these great little family shops that pop up and Taste of Tennessee  falls right in to that category.

Taste of Tennessee

Taste of Tennessee

Mac and Cheese

Taste of Tennessee

1/2 lb. of Rib Tips

Taste of Tennessee BBQ on Urbanspoon

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  1. Joe Chapman permalink
    June 1, 2013 10:23 am

    I absolutely LOVE this place. Great food, nice people. I recommend it to anyone I know that likes BBQ.

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