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Junction Pizza & Subs

July 29, 2012

  • 9170 US Highway 31
  • West Olive, MI 49460
  • (616) 399-6200
  • Website
  • Menu

My job really takes me all over West Michigan.  I started my day in Holland, but also made a stop in Grand Haven later in the evening.  I didn’t have a lot of time between job sites, but man was I hungry.

As I was heading up US 31, I knew there was a Mobil station with a Subway just off the road. I was heading there until I came to a Marathon station with a pizza joint inside.

Junction Pizza & Subs is inside the Marathon station on US 31 just south of Stanton Street in West Olive.  I didn’t really have high expectations for the place.  I was just really hoping they had pizza slices or something I could grab real quick.

I needed gas first then I had to find a bathroom.  After that, I grabbed a Mt. Dew from the gas station cooler then headed back towards the entrance to the space taken up by the pizza place.  While they have a rather large menu with a number of specialty pizzas and toasted subs, I was in a hurry and just hoped for a slice.

Lucky for me, they had just what I was looking for.  I opened up the warming case and grabbed two slices of pepperoni pizza.  In another warming case right next to the pizza were bags of Bosco Sticks.  I had no idea what Bosco sticks were but I assumed they were some sort of bread sticks so I grabbed a bag and headed to the cashier.  

The two slices of pizza, a Mt. Dew, and the Bosco Sticks cost a little over $8.  You pay at the gas station register so they took credit which was a good thing after I opened my wallet and looked for cash.

I didn’t really see if there was any seating at the gas station.  I wasn’t really looking either.  I still had to get to Grand Haven and I was running behind after this little stop.

Once I got back on US-31, I grabbed the Bosco Sticks first.  I was pleasantly surprised to bite in to the firm, dense Parmesan dusted bread stick to find it filled with cheese.  There was no marinara that I could see with them, but they actually had pretty good taste on their own.  I have never heard of Bosco Pizza before, but apparently, they’re a national thing and you can buy these Sticks frozen in your grocer’s freezer.  They’re better than a typical bread stick and the surprise of cheese in the middle was a welcome one.

The two slices of pepperoni had to wait until I got to my job site.  I’m always scared with pizza eating in the car.  The slices were a pretty standard thick crust with a nice, tangy sauce with a little bit of a kick to it.  The cheese had a nice golden brown glow to it.  It’s not really my kind of pizza, but it was still pretty good and definitely hit the spot.

I’ve eaten a lot of gas station pizza over the years and Junction Pizza & Subs is better than the typical slice you get at these kind of places.  I drive US-31 and lot and this is one of those places I’m glad I’ve found.

Bosco Sticks

Slice of Pepperoni Pizza

Slice of Pepperoni Pizza

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  1. Henry permalink
    February 3, 2013 11:34 pm

    I like the food too. They have varios types of hot dogs and I often get one or two. I wish they’d bring back the cheeseburger dogs, those were great.

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