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Pizza King

September 5, 2011

  • 5236 Portage Road
  • Portage, MI 49002
  • (269) 381-8692
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

Well, we had big ideas for today.  In reality, we got a lot done chore wise.  Not the most fun way to spend a holiday weekend, but we felt accomplished.

Around 5:00, we both started getting hungry.  J said pizza.  I was thinking pizza.  The only question remaining was ‘from where?’

There’s a couple off the beaten path pizza joints we haven’t tried yet.  We tried one, but their phone wasn’t working and J couldn’t understand anything the person on the other end was saying.  She hung up and tried option number two.  Their phone was working so J put the order in.

Pizza King doesn’t look like much when you pull in to the parking lot on Portage Road across the street from the airport.  It’s next to a liquor store and a gold buying place.  When this little strip mall was built, it was probably pretty fancy, but now, it’s just dated.  Faux brick walls and a brown shingled awning make this place sort of look like a dive. 

The business itself really isn’t much more than a dive.  They’re strictly carry out.  When you enter the door on the corner of the building, you enter a big room that serves as a waiting room and a kitchen.  The space is separated by a small counter that was lined with pizza boxes waiting to be picked up.  Behind the counter there’s little more than a workspace to make the pizzas and an oven to cook them.  The cash register looked to just be a drawer under the stack of pizza boxes.  They only accept cash so there’s no need for a big fancy POS machine.

J put in the order for a 16″ pizza with pepperoni on half.  She asked me about fun sides, but there are none.  The only thing you can get from Pizza King is pizza.  The menu is simple.  Three sizes and a list of ingredients.  That’s it.

I handed over the cash for my pizza then grabbed the box.  I was about five minutes early and the pizza was already waiting for me when I walked in.

I didn’t open it until I got home.  I was actually pretty pleased with what I found beneath that brown cardboard lid.

The pizza is a thin crust that was cooked well done.  The cheese was golden brown with a little bit of grease piling up near the center.  The pizza was cut in to long triangles which made them a little limp.  J didn’t really like that.  I didn’t mind.  There was also a bit of an aftertaste that J wasn’t fond of.  Again, didn’t bother me and I just thought it tasted like a little bit of uncooked flour on the bottom of the crust.

Pizza King, to me, is another one of those places that you love if you’ve been around it all your life.  It will be the benchmark for any other pizza because that’s what you know.  They’ve been in business in the area since 1967.  You don’t stick around that long in the pizza game if you don’t build a fan base.

For a couple of outsiders, I liked it.  It’s still not “our style” of pizza but that’s because we have unrealistic expectations based on our love for a certain pizza back in the Chicago area.  It’s a pizza I would gladly order again.  I’m not so sure J liked it, so I’ll have to save it for a weekend when I’m on my own.

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