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Figaro Pizza

September 29, 2010

  • 1469 2nd Avenue
  • New York, NY 10075
  • (212) 963-2883
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

With the price of food at Yankee Stadium, there was no way in hell I was going to something to eat there.  Besides, we wanted to see more of New York.

Our original plan was to head back to the Upper East Side and go to The Stumble Inn.  It’s a bar that has great reviews and is right up our ally as far as food goes.  Good plan except the Jets were playing Sunday night football.  The place was packed.  We couldn’t find a table and didn’t want to wait out the game to see if it would clear out.  Defeated, we started to walk back to the train station still incredibly hungry.

On our way back to the 77th Street Station, we passed a small pizza place that’s open late and does pizza by the slice.  At this point, cheap and quick were two words we both wanted to hear so we stopped in.

Figaro Pizza is on 2nd Avenue in the Upper East Side between 76th and 77th.  It’s nothing fancy.  Just a small space with a counter full of pizzas and a few tables.  They also have a Mexican menu during the day and you can order full pizzas if you want, but we just wanted a couple slices.

We both went pretty simple just because we were exhausted.  There were a couple specialty pizzas on the rack, but I just ordered up two slices of pepperoni for myself and one slice of cheese for J.

The lone counter man pulled the three slices of pizza and threw them back into the oven to warm up.  Meanwhile, we pulled out the eight bucks cash to pay for the three slices and took a seat to wait.

A few minutes later, the slices were plated up on paper plates and thrown on top of the glass counter near the cash register.  I picked up both plates and headed back to the wobbly table along the back wall.

I was pretty surprised at the quality of the pizza so late at night on a Sunday.  I wasn’t expecting a whole lot because these pizza by the slice places are all over the city, so I didn’t really expect anything to stand out.

Topping wise, the pizza was pretty typical, yet good.  The thing that surprised me was the crust.  It was, obviously, a thin crust NY style slice, so I grabbed it with my thumb and middle finger under the crust and used my pointer finger to snap it in half….and it actually snapped.  The crust was very crispy all the way to the point.  When I folded it over, it held the V-Shape instead of just folding on to itself.

Figaro Pizza was exactly what we needed for dinner at this point.  J wasn’t super hungry and I was starving.  Pizza always works for me and I love pizza by the slice places.

Two Slices of Pepperoni Pizza

Figaro Pizza Inc on Urbanspoon

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