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Burger King – Sawyer

December 26, 2009

  • 6100 Sawyer Road
  • Sawyer, MI 49125
  • (269) 426-4884
  • Website
  • Menu

J was one of the lucky ones.  She had to work Christmas.  Fortunately, she had to work Christmas morning which meant we could be on the road by one o’clock on the way to my parents back in Illinois.  Everything went as planned.  She got home.  We loaded up the car and got on the road.  I didn’t stop for my road Pepsi.  I had a plan.  I knew J would ask about lunch at some point, but being Christmas, our options were limited. 

If there was any place between Kalamazoo and the Michigan border that would be open, of course it would be the truck stop.  I gambled correctly.

Burger King is at the Travel America plaza just off I-94 in Sawyer.  There’s also a Popeye’s and Taco Bell Express which also serves Pizza Hut pizza.  The three fast food restaurants all sit in a little food court type area on one end of the travel plaza.  Right next to it is a sit down restaurant and right next to that is the gas station.  They’re all connected with one long hallway that runs along the front of the building. 

I considered both chicken and tacos before ultimately deciding on burgers…that and J wanted to try the Funnel Cake sticks. 

I got the BK Stacker combo meal without the mayo.  What I was left with was two burger patties, cheese, and bacon.  That all sounds good on paper and it tastes pretty good, but when I opened the thing up, it was smashed beyond recognition.  The cheese was melted to the outside of the bun and the burger patties were lost somewhere in between.  It was good and tasted like a BK burger, but it got a little messy eating in the car.  I only got the small combo so I got the small fries and a small Coke.  Coke really isn’t my first choice and they do just have fountain machines out in the seating area, but I would have felt weird putting Pepsi in a Coke glass, so I just went with it. 

J decided she was going to get her entire meal in stick form.  She got the chicken fries combo which included french fries and a drink.  If she hadn’t gotten the chicken fries, I probably would have.  It’s actually a pretty handy way to eat chicken and it makes eating in the car much easier.  She only ate half her fries before giving them to me.  She wanted dessert.

Dessert from a fast food place.  Sounds a little unusual, but BK has been advertising Funnel Cake Sticks for a few weeks now.  Who doesn’t love funnel cake, right?  The sticks come nine to an order with icing in a dipping cup.  They tasted just like a funnel cake.  Again, a much easier way to eat funnel cakes in the car.  She only gave me one, but I didn’t ask for anymore either.  I think it’s pretty safe to say she liked them.

All I can say is we’re grateful Burger King was open on Christmas day.  Otherwise, it would have been a long car ride that probably would have included some kind of cold meat trucks stop sandwich.  This is the one day out of the year that I’m ok with eating fast food. 

Chicken Fries

BK Stacker

Small Fries

Funnel Cake Sticks

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