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Buck Horn Family Restaurant – Chesterton, IN

November 30, 2009

  • 1600 W. US Highway 20
  • Chesterton, IN 46304
  • (219) 926-8566
  • Website
  • Menu

Well, our long holiday weekend in Chicago was over and we started back towards Michigan.  We had done enough economy stimulating and was looking forward to getting back in our own bed. 

Of course, traffic was a pain and the weather was starting to turn bad.  Not long after we got into Indiana, we hit construction and it took us about a half hour to go five miles.  J really wasn’t feeling good and asked if we could pull off for lunch.  She said she wanted soup and grilled cheese.  Where better to comfort food than a truck stop?

Buck Horn Family Restaurant in Chesterton, IN is just off Interstate 94 on US 20.  It’s part of the TravelCenter of America chain of truck stops.  We saw a sign for the place on one of those blue Interstate signs.  We didn’t know at first it was a truck stop, but the “family restaurant” part of the name led us to believe we could get what J was looking for.  As we were driving towards the TA, just said “Let’s just stop at the truck stop.”  Turns out, that’s where we were heading anyway.

If you enter the Buck Horn underneath the awning and sign, you won’t enter the restaurant.  We came in a hallway that looked to be management offices.  We followed the hallway back towards the gas station side and found the restaurant.  It’s not really defined in the locations.  It just sort of takes up the space.  There aren’t really any walls separating it from the rest of the gas station.

We took a seat in what we assumed was the non-smoking section.  We sat at a booth near the kitchen so a waitress would see us and it worked for once.  Not a minute after sitting down, a stereotypical truck stop waitress (using the word “hun” and all) asked us what we’d like to drink.  I still really hadn’t had my morning Pepsi, so that’s what I got.  J ordered a Diet. 

J asked about soup and was happy with their selection.  She ordered a chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese which wasn’t on the menu, but they made for her anyway.  The soup was actually on the salad bar and came as the side to her sandwich.  The first bowl the waitress got, but it was unlimited soup, so she could go back on her own to get more chicken noodle or any of the other varieties they had up there.  She said the soup really hit the spot and she went back for a second bowl.  The grilled cheese came out with my sandwich.  J said it was done perfectly.  It was just cheddar on Texas Toast, but it had a nice buttery crunch.  She was pretty impressed.  She wanted soup and a grilled cheese and that’s what she got.  It was nothing fancy, but right on and made her feel better.

I told J as we were driving I didn’t want another burger.  I almost went back on that, but at the last-minute ordered the Turkey Bacon Melt.  The sandwich was grilled sliced turkey breast, Swiss cheese, bacon and tomato on sourdough bread.  The bread was actually buttered and grilled like a grilled cheese which made it even better.  I slid the tomato off the sandwich, but really, it was only one small slice on each side of the triangle.  There was quite a bit of turkey on the sandwich.  Much more than I anticipated.  For a truck stop, it was actually a pretty darn good sandwich.  I wasn’t super hungry when we stopped, so I shared my fries with J.  They were just thin, crispy restaurant fries, but they are the kind she likes.

Our bill was just under $18 before tip and our meal didn’t take much longer than a half an hour.  The Buck Horn Restaurant is not a five-star dining establishment, but it is good truck stop fare.  There are a lot of choices for truckers and the hungry travelers on I-94.  I’m not sure why we chose this particular stop, but it worked out for the best. 

Chicken Noodle Soup

Grilled Cheese

Turkey Bacon Melt

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