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Press Release – New Product Line From Meijer Tells A Story

November 23, 2009

From a Meijer press release….


New Meijer Gold To Include Items With A Distinctive Story Of Origin

From Taco Sauce To Cheesecake, Every Product Has A Tale To Tell

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (November 19, 2009) – With such diverse delicacies as handcrafted sparkling lemonade from an original family recipe in France, to cocoa sourced from a Pacific Northwest family known for producing luscious chocolate recipes, Meijer’s new premium private label brand features singular products that all have a unique story to tell.

The new Meijer Gold offers unexpected and indulgent discoveries at affordable prices. But what makes the brand unique is its collection of original recipe items that are either made by a local company within the Meijer footprint, or by a family-owned business. The line also features interesting foods endemic to a particular place or country.

“Meijer customers have great taste, and it’s our job to keep providing them with great-tasting food items,” said Ralph Fischer, group vice president-foods at Meijer. “But we also want to offer them products that they won’t find anywhere else, and that’s exactly what Meijer Gold offers. We’ve traveled the globe and looked in small towns to source premium products that have a distinctive history, heritage or story.”

Each one of the delectable products in the Meijer Gold line has a tale to tell. For instance, the brand’s mustard is prepared from an age-old German recipe by a long-time Midwestern company; the salsa is created by an acclaimed family-owned Southern California producer; and the cream pasta sauces are sourced from the legendary Chicago restaurateurs, the Mugnolo family.

With more than 80 items comprising the upcoming launch, all Meijer Gold recipes are unique to the grocer, and include the finest ingredients and attention to detail. This promise of affordable excellence is furthered by the brand’s mandate that every Gold product must have a distinctive story of origin that not only enhances the uniqueness of the product, but also reaffirms Meijer’s commitment to local communities, businesses and families.

A sampling of some of the unique products that fall under the Meijer Gold brand include Champagne Dill Mustard, Sugar-Free Maple-Praline Syrup, Grilled Pineapple Chipotle Salsa, Smokey Mozzarella Cheese Spread, Porcini Truffle Tortellini, Crab Puff Pastries, Biscotti Munch Chocolate Caramel Cookies and Michigan Apple Cheesecake.

Meijer Gold is for food connoisseurs looking for more experience-rich foods, such as those born of family traditions. The high-quality line is supported by premium packaging, which highlights both the flavor and ‘golden’ aspect of the brand. Along with a recognizable gold seal and appetizing imagery, each package tells the compelling story of the product’s origin, allowing consumers to feel as if they are sharing in someone’s family tradition.

Originally launched in 2005, Meijer Gold served to provide a premium version of everyday items. This new approach to the Meijer Gold brand is a result of Meijer’s desire to deepen its commitment and connection to regionally sourced foods, family-run businesses, and authentic and distinctive recipes.

“Meijer Gold allows consumers to add a touch of flair to their everyday cuisine,” said Fischer. “The brand’s distinctive products and flavor cues will turn an ordinary meal into a premium experience that will blow customers away without blowing their grocery budgets.”

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